Brains on Stories



Stories engage different mental processes than information.  Stories allow us to think and reason about the world in a powerful way that is  different from but complimentary to information.  Our minds have literally evolved to excell at processing stories.  We comprehend information, but we experience stories.  They compliment each other, but to try to understand the world only through information is miss a large part of the picture.


Look back on this section.  Do you remember and have feelings about Magda and Daisy?  Could you tell the story to other?  Can you understand the situation?  Do you have feelings about the outcome?  Now ask the same questions about the information.  Can you remember without looking at it?

Stories have a power to understand problems and imagine solutions in ways that information can not.  Stories and Information are both essential tools.  They natural compliment.  Alone, they are not sufficient, and give only a partial, incomplete view.