A model describes an entity – what it is and how it works.

From the Muzia stories we can derive a model for Muzia.


Muzia offers a catalog of artists who can perform at live events.

Artists create profiles with information, music samples and optional videos.

Parties and venues needing bands for gigs can search, browse and filter artists.

Artists can be contacted directly for gigs.

Hiring parties are encouraged to leave reviews and ratings of artists.


The Muzia model identifies entities (artists, profiles, gigs, reviews, …) and relationships (an artist has a profile, a hiring party has a set of reviews), as well as processes (creating a profile, filtering artists, uploading a sample, leaving a review).

The Muzia model is an essentialized abstraction of Muzia.  It expresses the high level view of Muzia.  The model is the basis required from Muzia for Muzia to provide it’s intended value as seen by supporting the Muzia Stories in coming true.