Rent private flexible work/relax space on demand, by the hour or day. Locate, book and access space using phone app.  Provides  reasonably priced access to private spaces. Pay as you go without long term contracts or commitments.  Diverse private spaces on demand in various locations are more flexible than renting a single space long term.  Automation through app is quick, convenient and efficient. Can arrange a space in advance or in the moment and go straight there.

Josh - Psychologist


Josh is a Psychologist living in Barcelona.   Many times a week he needs a quiet, private space to meet and work with clients.   He currently rents an office, but doesn’t really need it full time, and would prefer to get away from inflexible long term contracts.   One alternative he considered, open coworking spaces, tend to be too noisy and public.


Josh started using Sheltair for some of his meetings.  Liked the flexibility to rent a space short term only when he needs it.  A bit more hassle to coordinate with clients where to meet each time, and to always remember to reserve a space.  Nice though to have the option of holding meetings in different parts of the city to make it convenient for his clients.  When his rental contract ended, he didn’t renew, and now relies on Sheltair.  He does worry sometimes that Sheltair will become popular and he might on occasion not have a space to meet.


Sheltair is more flexible but carries risk.  No guarantee a space will always be free, as with a normal rented office.  Must remember to make bookings.

On demand booking can save money for people who don’t need an office every day.  Avoids long term commitments.

For some, can be a benefit to have access to offices in different locations across a city.

Quiet, private office required for some types of work with clients.

Petra - Conference Visit


Petra is CEO of small company just getting profitable.  She and her CTO are in Barcelona for an industry conference for 5 days.   Can’t afford a presentation booth inside the conference or a fancy hotel room.   They would still like to have a flexible private space to hold a few meetings and give presentations to some potential partners and customers. 


Petra loves Sheltair because she can use her phone to book a space while she is speaking to a potential customer.  She appreciates the ability to easily cancel or reschedule as well.  True maybe the spaces a bit expensive per hour, but overall her expenses are less for the whole 5 days.


People will pay a small premium for spaces if the flexibility saves them money overall.

On demand booking works well in a spontaneous, dynamic environment where people make plans on the fly.

Visitors not familiar with a city appreciate a service that provides what they need in locations near them.

Xevious - Budget Startup


Xevios is a startup with 3 founders.  To economize, they work from home, but like to get together one afternoon a week to collaborate in person.  The tried congregating at each other’s houses, but there were too many distractions.   They are not sure where the business will go, so don’t want to move to co-working or an office just yet. They tried to meet at the cafe but they need a space to discuss, move around and brainstorm.


At a tech meetup, someone was handing out flyers for Sheltair.    Since there is no commitment, Xevious decided to try getting together at Sheltair locations periodically and see if it was truly a benefit for them to meet and work in person.  They discovered that depending on the current work to be done, some weeks they met to collaborate a few days in a row, other times only once every week or two to check in with each other.


Newly established companies prefer to minimize expenses and avoid long term commitment.

Dedicated space without distractions helps to focus and be productive.

Meeting periodically in person sometimes important.